Integrated Retail Web Shopping Solutions

Let us take the worry out of your retail website integration. Seams provide fully integrated eCommerce shopping cart solutions that are tied to your retail store activities and driven by your Seams ERP system. Even if you have a third party web service supplier, we can look after your integration.

Acquire a Seams developed integrated website or ask us to look after the integration of your existing site. Let us take care of the hassle for you.


  • Fully Featured eCommerce shopping cart platform de-signed for the fashion conscious consumer.
  • Seams can customise layouts or work with your design team.
  • Save time & avoid data entry errors.
  • Seams automatically populates product data & pricing to your website.
  • Reduce costs and avoid delivery errors.
  • Automatically download orders to your Seams ERP system and ScanPack deliveries.
  • Accurate synced real-time inventory online and in-store.
  • Increase sales, productivity; reduce distribution & handling costs.

Don’t fret about website integration

Let us take the worry out of your retail website integration and do it for you.

Fully integrated automated website and stores – no hassles

The greatest advantage of Seams retail websites is the ability to push real-time data including product, stock orders, inventory, and sales data across retail stores and online.

Leveraging real-time data improves your operational performance and reduces expenses. If you are out of stock online, you are out of stock in-store.

With Seams eCommerce you will grow your business online with our fully customised, feature rich shopping cart and web site.

A cost effective solution that provides a user friendly interface between your back office and your website.

Not just a website – part of your integrated retail strategy

For the vertically integrated retailer, your online eCommerce website and your store-front locations must work together.

Customers need to be able to purchase online or in-store and receive the same benefits. With our online eCommerce store you can manage discounts, sales, coupons, blogs, wishlists, ratings, social media links, web page edits and more.

Your customers will be able to visit you in store or online in a seamless way. Seams Retail also offers an integrated Loyalty Program that merges customer data online and in-store. Talk to us today about a fully integrated retail eCommerce solution.

Seams Retail Integrated Websites:

  • Automatic upload of products & pricing data
  • Date/time driven upload of markdowns
  • Fully featured shopping cart
  • Loyalty Programs & Coupons
  • Multiple Pricing options
  • Stock updated dynamically
  • Out of stock greyed out or not displayed
  • Automatic order confirmation e-mails
  • Orders automatically downloaded to Seams ERP
  • ScanPack your deliveries
  • Delivery e-mails automatically sent to customers with shipper tracking link
  • Site categories/groupings and navigation completely configurable
  • Unique customisation available
  • Images synchronised with product details
  • All product data maintained in Seams ERP
  • Comprehensive order reporting on website administration pages

Improves User Experience & ROI