Our POS retail software solution provides a comprehensive management system that covers all aspects of fashion-related retailing.

When used with Seams Fashion Express, all of your processes are fully integrated, including:

  • synchronisation of products and prices with store registers
  • automation of stock transfers and receipts
  • sales and settlement details reconciled with stock, accounting and reporting modules

The integration doesn’t stop there. Your online retail shopping site is also incorporated! A loyalty scheme may also be set up so that customers can receive rewards and make redemptions both shop in store and online.

Seams POS provides all the features you expect in a retail register, including:

  • A fast, reliable till
  • Secure check-out
  • Staff and management security
  • Integrated EFT
  • Lay-by function
  • Automated stock replenishment
  • Hourly store sales HQ display
  • Pre-set, customisable markdowns
  • Rewards scheme fully integrated online and in store
  • Fully integrated wholesale and retail business streams

Our POS retail software reporting options and comprehensive sell-through charts are unlimited for:

  • Standard sales
  • Stock
  • Settlements
  • Lay-by

Reporting is complimented by customisable Seams Console Dashboards and Excel Power Pivot integration which allows you to slice and dice your own data.

An integrated POS retail software system will help improve your sales, limit your stock outs, reduce data handling costs, eliminate fraud and increase your profits.