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Seams ERP for Homewares & Giftware Distributors

Integrate all of your business activities in a single, flowing environment:

• Reduce costs and eliminate errors by capturing your information once.
• Automate your processes to meet deadlines and avoid mistakes.
• Use mobile presentation and capture to increase sales and maximise profits.

Product Development & Costing

Use Seams dynamic costing routines to calculate your landed costs and your wholesale & retail pricing based upon mark-up or margin.

Your homewares/ giftware business will likely require some unique information to be held as part of your product data.

Seams Homewares & Giftware Enterprise ERP incorporate web wholesale, web retail and physical retail stores:

• Product development & costing
• Web sales ordering & confirmations • Purchase ordering & shipments
• Inventory control
• ScanPack deliveries
• Full financial accounting
• Integrated retail management
• Integrated web shopping
• User configurable KPI reporting

Sales Orders & Confirmations

Sales orders can be entered directly or automatically downloaded and validated from a variety of sources; via EDI, from your Seams Wholesale Web Portal, from a file from your customer or agent or from any third party source. We provide contract orders, blanket orders, provisional orders, repeat orders, retail and transfer orders.

You can sell in both defined packs and loose quantities and order confirmations are automatically e-mailed to your customer and/ or agent.

Purchasing & Shipments

You can roll up your sales orders into purchase orders using a variety of methods; allocate specific customer orders to PO’s, cover your indent with or without percentage over-stock or write single PO’s for each customer sales order.

Seams ERP allows you to split delivery dates and your customised PO format lets you attach full specifications and documentation.

PO’s are allocated to shipments, which are tracked through to warehouse delivery. Shipments can include full, part or multiple PO’s. Shipments can be receipted into your own location or into third party warehouses for distribution.

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Inventory Control

Wherever you keep your stock, Seams will manage it and report on it dynamically.

Multiple warehouses, multiple locations, on order, on the water, at a third party warehouse, set aside for your retail website, at your bricks & mortar stores.

Transfers to stores and other locations are fully tracked. Use your ScanPacking equipment to scan complete or cyclic stock counts and write-off or revalue your stock as part of the process.

Retail Management

Seams ERP is fully integrated with Seams POS management software.

If retail stores are part of your business, Seams Systems offer you the perfect integrated solution. Our Seams Retail Management brochure illustrates the wide range of features available in Seams POS.

Seams ERP is fully integrated with Seams POS retail management software. If retail stores are part of your business, Seams Systems offer you the perfect integrated solution.

All relevant product and pricing data is automatically synchronised with your POS registers and all sales and settlement information is returned to Seams ERP.

Seams POS is a complete Retail Management system, ideal for vertical operations. Please download our Seams Retail Management brochure for full details.

Integrated Retail Websites

Your Seams Homewares & Giftware pre-integrated shopping website provides all the features you need in order to promote your brand and maximise sales.

Selling single products doesn’t leave much margin for administrative costs. With Seams Retail websites you will have virtually no admin costs. Don’t take on the overhead of managing your web developer’s integration attempts – let us do it for you.


Seams Homewares & Giftware ERP gives you great flexibility with stock picking options and every opportunity to automate the process. Pick by receipted product or by customer order and automatically e-mail your invoices. EDI orders are automatically ScanPacked and ASN’s sent electronically.

Additionally, ScanPack all of your non-EDI orders to save valuable time and eliminate picking errors.

Your picking processes can be fully integrated through local or offshore 3PL’s.

Invoices can be automatically e-mailed to the customer as part of the process.

Financial Accounting

Handles your entire business processes from product conception to debtor and store register collection.

You can choose from a range of integrated financial accounting products to suit your needs, from Seams supplied and supported Landmark systems through to simpler products such as MYOB.

KPI Reporting

Seams Console reporting gives you a flexible and easy to use data cube to provide analysis of your key business indicators.

The Seams data cube includes all aspects of your business information including, retail and web sales.

In addition, each Seams Enterprise module has a wide range of standard reports to help manage your business processes.

SeamsHomewares & Giftware ERP gives you real flexibility in managing stock, sales orders and picking. You can pick by product or by customer or by customer order. Even better, roll up sales orders into a PO, receipt the PO and then automatically pick all the orders for high speed processing. EDI orders can be ScanPacked via integrated DMS suite systems and even your non-EDI orders can be ScanPacked for super efficiency and elimination of picking & packing errors.

Seams Fashion software is not just limited to wholesale distribution. All Seams products are fully integrated so that you never need to re-enter or upload information:

  • Retail Management for your stores with Seams POS.
  • Wholesale web ordering for sales teams, agents and use at trade fairs.
  • Retail web shopping sites with full automation.
  • Customer loyalty and reward schemes, integrated across stores and web shopping.

Seams Homewares & Giftware Software Solutions

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