Welcome to Seams Systems Service Centre. This web page provides facilities for you to lodge service requests. These requests can be classified as:

  • Help Desk
  • Process or report enhancement
  • Training or re-training
  • Consultancy assistance

The Help Desk service provides support for the following at no charge:

  • Assistance with use of the software modules under licence.
  • Reporting of apparent errors.
  • Resolution of any reported errors that we can confirm.
  • Guidance with system navigational questions.
  • Guidance with locating facilities or reports to achieve a particular requirement.
  • Uploading of new software versions and “UA” releases and any associated data conversion routines via remote communication.

The Help Desk service does not cover these scenarios:

  • User training.
  • Assistance with report reconciliation.
  • Use of the wide range of system Seams configuration options.
  • Attendance on site.
  • Uploading of new software versions to individual POS registers.
  • Creation and maintenance of “scripting” or “scheduled task” facilities.

When you wish to raise a request, please complete the form alongside and press ‘submit’. You will receive an acknowledgement by return e-mail, which will quote a reference number. You can use this number in future correspondence with the Seams Service Centre.


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