Apparel & Footwear ERP systems

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Seams ERP for Footwear Distributors

Seams Fashion ERP systems are specifically geared for footwear wholesale and retail operations. Footwear is different and we understand it:

  • Purchasing by pack and loose quantities
  • Sales orders by pack and loose quantities
  • Stocking by pack & loose quantities
  • Reporting – by base style in units and/or packs and units.

Multiple user defined size ranges; Seams ERP can handle up to 24 different sizes in any one size range. You can establish as many different size ranges as you need for your business.

All system interrogation and reporting allows you to track information by style name, description, product code or EAN barcode.

Our industry knowledge & experience lets you incorporate your own terminology for componentry.

We understand how your business operates:

  • How you deal with customers
  • How you deal with suppliers
  • How you need to manage your stock
  • What information you need to make decisions

We understand how you need to label product:

Seams Fashion free formatting label facility lets you produce labels that suit the specific needs of your business. This includes carton labelling to assist with pack handling.

We understand your pricing:

We know how to manage your unique footwear pricing, discount and costing options to deal with complex customer arrangements.

We understand how you specify product:

We allow you to handle your unique product specific information to manage purchasing and manufacturing specifications. Footwear sole, last, upper, material, heel and any other relevant details are all maintained in user defined databases specific to your business.

Seams Fashion ERP gives you real flexibility in managing stock, sales orders and picking. You can pick by product or by customer or by customer order. Even better, roll up sales orders into a PO, receipt the PO and then automatically pick all the orders for high speed processing. EDI orders can be ScanPacked via integrated DMS suite systems and even your non-EDI orders can be ScanPacked for super efficiency and elimination of picking & packing errors.

The story doesn’t end there: Seams Fashion software is not just limited to wholesale distribution. All Seams products are fully integrated so that you never need to re-enter or upload information:

  • Retail Management for your stores with Seams POS.
  • Wholesale web ordering for sales teams, agents and use at trade fairs.
  • Retail web shopping sites with full automation.
  • Customer loyalty and reward schemes, integrated across stores and web shopping.

Seams Fashion ERP Footwear Solutions

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