Seams ERP, Retail & Wholesale software solutions automates business processes for Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesale Distributors, bricks & mortar Retailers and online Retailers. Fully integrated ERP, POS & e-commerce applications.

Seams Fashion is the platform of choice for over 200 brands Worldwide for over 30 years.

Integrated Software
Reduce costs and eliminate errors
Automate your processes
Increase sales and maximise profits

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Your fashion supply chain management includes product development & costing, purchasing & shipment tracking, online wholesale sales ordering, inventory control, distribution, invoicing and debt management. Your retail stores and online shopping sites are fully integrated so that all information flows automatically through your business without the need to re-enter information or create upload and download files.

Seams Fashion software manages all of your product information, your customers, your stock wherever it sits and your sales and purchase orders. If you manufacture, Seams Fashion keeps your bills of material, manages your costings and produces and manages your production orders.

For imported products, Seams produces and manages your purchase orders and shipments, tracks timeline progress and maintains inventory.

Distribution from Seams is fast and comprehensive. You can ScanPack your EDI and non-EDI orders and integrate your third party warehouse distributors. Seams will automatically produce your invoices and ASN’s and manage your debtors accounting.

POS Retail Management Software

Seams POS provides fully integrated retail store management. Your product and stock information is automatically synchronised from your Seams Fashion ERP system and your sales and settlements are automatically returned. Seams POS registers are easy to use and offer fast transaction processes to keep staff and customers happy.

Your Seams POS system handles discounts, markdowns, lay-by’s and inter store transfers. EFTPOS is fully integrated and Gift Cards and Returns are handled by issuing of credit cards. Seams POS provides a fully secure facility for the control of cash transactions through your business.

Your customer database will be linked to your rewards scheme, which will also be integrated with your retail website, allowing customers to buy and redeem from both sources, with a single account.

Hourly sales at each store will be displayed in an on-screen window for nominated Head Office staff and Business Managers.

B2C Retail eCommerce Software

Seams fully integrated e-commerce solutions provide a complete business management cycle for online trading and support services.

Your Seams Retail shopping site combines first class digital design services to promote your brand, a highly secure check-out payment gateway and full integration with Seams Fashion to manage your online sales with efficiency, reliability and security.

Your product and stock details are automatically synchronised with the website and sales and settlement details are automatically returned to Seams Fashion. Your rewards scheme can be cross-fertilised with your retail stores and customers automatically receive order confirmations and shipment confirmations with transport tracking numbers and links.

B2B Wholesale eCommerce Software

Seams Wholesale Web Portal is fully integrated with your Seams ERP system. That means all of your product information, customer records and images are automatically synchronised with your Wholesale portal.

Don’t worry if some of your customers have unique pricing; when this pricing is stored in Seams, it’s automatically on the website. Same goes for trade discounts – all automatically handled when you write orders for customers.

Use the interactive, image based product selection format or capture orders in the traditional line item method.

Once the order is finalised, you can print and/or e-mail the order confirmation to your customer. The sales order is automatically downloaded to your Seams ERP system for processing.

It’s not just your staff that can capture orders on the Wholesale portal. Your agents can take orders for their allotted customers and selected customers can be given a login to place orders on their account only. You can capture indent, stock or clearance orders and you can nominate delivery addresses from the customer’s list or add a new one on the fly.

Seams Express is an entry level ERP system for importers, distributors and retailers. Talk to us now about getting started with Seams Express.


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